Welcome to Vogan Systems Integration Inc.

For every computer-related issue facing your business there is an elegant solution. We have, since 1996, been providing systems support to a variety of small-to-medium-sized clients, developing unique and cost-effective responses to the most demanding of circumstances.

We approach every challenge like a puzzle: making sure that every piece fits into its proper place, that nothing is forced, and that the results are, for each given instance, deftly perfect – right down to the last pixel.

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Your website is your business

In this age of internet savvy consumers it is essential that your business have an effective web presence, with a style and structure tailored to the individual needs of your organisation.

Do you require a simple place to disperse information? Is your content constantly changing? Would you like your website to be responsive to a variety of devices (from desktop to tablet to mobile)? Do you need to access a backend database? Differing answers to these questions will determine our approach. Whether you need a content management system (such as Joomla) using a uniquely-designed template, or a static multi-paged implementation (such as this one), we can help.

Our toolkit contains an array of programming languages and we are well-versed in a variety of SQL-based systems. With these resources, combined with our flare for colour and fonts, we create fresh, eye-pleasing views which are compatible across all current browsers, offering the right solution to satisfy your requirements.


The entire world is going mobile

The rate at which mobile devices are replacing personal computers is unprecedented. According to a variety of articles (Forbes, Business Insider, The Telegraph), mobile devices have, since 2011, outsold the traditional PC by a margin of 2:1 or more. In order to reach this ever-increasing customer base your business needs to offer the right applications

Do you require a custom-designed tool which runs natively on an iPhone, Blackberry or Android-based phone? Would you like your website to render properly and retain its functionality when viewed on a mobile device?

Tapping into our extensive knowledge and expertise will ensure that when your customers arrive with their new expectations, you'll already be there waiting for them.


Information will always be gold

For systems to be meaningful they must maintain relevant information in an efficient manner. It is critical that the proper database engine is employed and that the structures encapsulate all aspects of the data elements.

Where is all of your data generated? How is it being delivered to your customers? Are the wait times for information transfer acceptable? Is the process efficient? An out-dated or poorly-designed database management system is not cost-effective.

Integrating various data systems is just another puzzle piece to consider when designing your overall information technology strategy. With over 25 years of experience we are well-equipped to analyse and encapsulate your requirements in properly-normalised tables with lightning-fast retrievals and updates.


Desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, smart phones, operating systems, networks, software...

The number of pieces needed to complete your overall business systems puzzle can be quite daunting. Each element must be considered not only individually, but as part of an integrated whole. Beyond simply plugging a computer into a network and connecting to the internet, your business must have a continuity strategy.

There are routine issues to take care of: Do any of the computers in your office have a virus? Is important information on your workstations being properly backed up on a regular basis? Do you have the latest updates for the software you are running?

And there are extraordinary circumstances to consider: What will you do if the power is out for an hour? For an entire day? What happens if your internet connection is down? What will you do if there is a fire in your office? Unless you have a solid contingency plan prepared, just what are you going to do when disaster strikes? How quickly can your business be back up and running?

Our extensive knowledge and training as systems integrators will prove invaluable in laying out a cohesive plan for your company’s hardware and software needs.


Pixel perfect designs

Your business systems puzzle isn’t complete without attention to your company’s visual presentation. It is important that these graphic elements keep pace with both customer expectations and constantly-evolving media standards

If you've found that your image is inconsistent or dated, the strategic fine-tuning of colour, font style and design layout can bring a new vibrancy to the overall look and feel of your business.

Our up-to-date knowledge of the latest human interface guidelines, and complete attention to every detail of the user experience, will give your website design and mobile applications a contemporary appeal and uniform structure and flow.